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Bourbon Review - 1792 Small Batch

Appearance: Good color. Rich and slightly dark.

Aroma: The 1792 smelled fairly mellow. There were hints of some flavor but it lacked the overpowering bite that most bourbons seem to have. The smell definitely makes you excited to try it.

Taste: There was a strong alcohol taste at first, which was surprising given the mellow nose to this bourbon. Admittedly the alcohol faded quickly and allowed the flavor in the bourbon to show up. Once that strong alcohol flavor faded the 1792 tasted a lot more like the aroma led us to believe. It was mellow and finished quickly without much burn to speak of.

Overall Impression: This is not a bad bottle of bourbon. The bottle looked great and we did enjoy drinking it. To be fair, the biggest drawback was the odd alcohol flavor at the beginning of each drink. Interestingly enough, that flavor actually seemed to get worse as we drank more of the bourbon. Outside of the beginning of the experience I would say this is an average to slightly above average bottle. There may be some hints of caramel in the middle of the drink but the flavors are very mellow and difficult to distinguish. We did speculate that possibly the mild flavors could cause the initial alcohol flavor, so maybe that was the issue with our bottle. In any event, this was not a bad experience and could certainly pass for a decent addition to your cabinet or bar.

Rating: 6 / 10

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