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Trip Report: Double Spur Outfitters Trout Fishing

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Whenever you have a Monday off from work you should always try to make the best of it. At SSO that meant a day of trout fishing with Double Spur Outfitters in Star Tannery Virginia. I spoke with the owner of Double Spur about a week prior to our trip to gain some insight on what type of fish to expect and when would be a good time to fish. Levi (the owner) was awesome on the phone and explained everything in detail, from what size fish were in his stretch of creek to what the best way might be to cook them. After our discussion we agreed to set the trip up for Monday January 16, 2017.

Southern Sky OutdoorsWe got to the creek about 7:30 Monday morning. The drive in was gorgeous and led us to a long gravel driveway which ended at a nice concrete pavilion. Levi met us there shortly after our arrival and explained the ins and outs of fishing on his property. He made sure we were aware of the gas grill in the pavilion and the picnic tables available for our use. He made sure we were aware of not only the stretches of creek we could see, but also where fish might be hiding in other parts of the creek further up and downstream. Once I was able to break away from my conversation with Levi about hunting and fishing adventures from the past I actually started fishing. My first cast resulted in a strike from a small trout that I didn’t hook. Although I didn’t catch that fish the fast action certainly set the tone for the day.

By 8:00 I had three trout on my stringer and the other two in our party had 4 between them. The fish were of good size, averaging between 1.5 and 2 pounds. Despite being raised in concrete raceways the fish were in good shape with beautiful color and fins. Powerbait was the bait of choice early in the morning, but as the gray overcast skies started to lighten up whole nightcrawlers fished under a tiny split shot sinker proved deadly. The end result was three limits of good trout by noon. The biggest two trout of the bunch were around 3 pounds and highlighted a great trip.

Southern Sky OutdoorsOverall, we were very impressed with the facilities and the fishing at Double Spur Outfitters. The water was a little shallower than what we’ve fished in the past but held good numbers of fish. The key for the day was adapting your presentation to present your bait the same in the shallow water that you would in deeper water. Ticking across the bottom was important but to achieve this you had to tinker with the combination of bait and weight to get the drift just right. I am positive that a return trip to this water is in order for the future, maybe even on a day when we can take our families out to enjoy a day of trout fishing in a great setting.

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